EMEA got together Under The Umbrella at the Invest in ME conference

After months of hard work EMEA UK member Invest In ME, held its two-day research colloquium (June 1st-2nd) and 11th International ME conference on the 3rd of June 2016. They brought together many of the world’s most renowned scientist and researchers in the field of ME/CFS.

Kerstin Heiling - Under the Umbrella

Kerstin Heiling – Under the Umbrella

A strategy of high-quality biomedical research has broken the mould of the past and a new decade now brings new and possibly decisive projects which will finally overturn the barren landscape of ME research which had been allowed to exist for too long.
Ten years ago the ME research field was different – no platform for regularly showcasing or encouraging biomedical research – no funding and no recognition of the need to fund biomedical research into this disease.

Invest in ME (IiME) has two major high-quality research projects underway – probably the two most important research projects for the future of ME research in the UK – and is building a foundation for translation biomedical research into ME – a Centre of Excellence for ME. This strategy has been augmented with the education of, and participation in our research projects by, medical students – enhancing theirs and their peers’ education about ME and building a base for the next generation of researchers.

The European ME Alliance was present at the conference to raise awareness for ME/CFS and ME patients by inviting patients, researchers and doctors under the umbrella! A lot of people joined the awareness campaign and had their picture taken under the EFNA umbrella. All day questions were asked about EMEA, EFNA, what the campaign was about, etc. It was very busy and at the end of the day our phones died from taking pictures and tweeting, but we wouldn’t have want to miss it for the world.

Kathleen McCall, chairperson, Invest In ME

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