Event Ideas

Promotional events and fundraising ideas

Be a good sport

Does your organisation run an annual golf classic or is it something you might consider planning with some partner groups? If so, why not ask the players to put the campaign golf umbrella in their bag? Or could you approach some well-known golfers in your country and ask them to support the campaign by taking our golf umbrella on tour! You may think of other supporting events where the umbrella is a key piece of equipment or used by the spectators – Ladies Day at the races?

It’s raining money

In some countries donation boxes are placed near supermarket checkouts to collect spare change. How about turning that concept upside-down – literally! You could ask the local supermarket (or chain of supermarkets), canteen at a workplace, restaurant, etc. to hang a campaign golf umbrella upside down near the exit, then invite customers to throw their spare change inside as the leave. You could also do this at information evenings and other events. Just dangle your organisation’s logo from the handle!

Umbrella Advocacy

To raise awareness why not reach out to politicians? Politicians are familiar with public speaking and love publicity. In many countries it is surprisingly easy to organise an information day/event at your national or federal parliament. Once again you can involve a range of neurology patient groups – and combine this with a photo opportunity where national policy-makers would be photographed ‘together under the umbrella’. Our EU Policy person is happy to talk to you and send guidelines to help. Photos could then be sent to the traditional media. Similarly, this approach could be taken with well-known public figures/celebrities – taking the message offline!