World Brain Day 2017 is just around the corner – Let’s make an impact!

World Brain Day 2017 - Under the Umbrella

Saturday, July 22nd is World Brain Day.

Last year’s World Brain Day saw hundreds of Under the Umbrella pictures shared around the world – selfies, groups of family and friends, medical professionals and patient groups, all stood under umbrellas in support of brain disorder awareness. A wide variety of disease areas were highlighted in these messages including MS, Parkinsons, headache, mental health, chronic pain, ME and rare diseases. Click here to watch a video showing just some of your fantastic participation on the day.

Thanks to all of you who got involved. Now let’s make 2017 even more successful, and make sure we put brain disorder on everyone’s map on July 22nd!

We are again inviting the public to share a picture of themselves on the day, along with a message such as:

We’re #UnderTheUmbrella for #WorldBrainDay! Join us to raise #BrainDisorder & #[InsertYourDiseaseArea] awareness

We’re also inviting you to share your stories with us. We would love to hear and share your personal experience of living with a brain or brain-related disorder. Email or post your story to our Facebook page.


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World Brain Day - Under the Umbrella - 2017 World Brain DAy - Under the Umbrella Infographic
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